What are the advantages of PU leather? Come and find out together!

PU leather is artificial synthetic leather, which is similar to genuine leather. The main component is polyurethane: Polyurethane, so it is referred to as PU.
The following is an introduction to the material advantages of PU leather:
1. Good flexibility
PU leather has very good flexibility and can imitate the feel and appearance of real leather. It can be processed according to different needs, such as embossing, printing, etc., to obtain different textures.
2. Strong wear resistance
PU leather has high density and hardness, so it has strong wear resistance and is suitable for furniture, car seats and other fields.
3. Waterproof and oilproof
PU leather itself does not absorb water, has the advantages of being waterproof and oil-proof, and is suitable for making shoes, bags, etc.
4. Easy to clean
PU leather is easier to clean than genuine leather, and stains can be easily removed with just a damp cloth or professional cleaner.