Reveal the reasons for the wide application of PU leather

PU leather is a polymer compound formed by the reaction of isocyanate groups and hydroxyl groups. Its simulated leather fabric is made of artificial materials. It has a real leather texture and is also very affordable, so it can be used in a wide range of applications.
So in addition to price, what are the characteristics of PU leather that make it widely used?
1. Good physical properties, resistance to bending, good softness and high tensile strength. The surface pattern of PU leather is to use a pattern paper to be hot-pressed on the surface of the semi-finished leather. After cooling, the paper leather is separated and surface treated.
2. It has high air permeability, temperature permeability of up to 8000-14000g/24h/cm2, high peel strength and high water pressure resistance. It is an ideal material for the top and bottom layers of waterproof and breathable clothing fabrics.
3. The pattern roller has a long service life.
4. It has thermoplasticity and spinnability, and can be made into plastics and fibers.