The uses of PU leather in daily industries

As a commonly used polymer material, PU leather has a wide range of applications, such as chemical industry, light industry, construction, building materials, national defense, aerospace, aviation, textiles, electronics, automobiles, medical care, automobiles, etc.
So in addition, do you know what applications PU leather has in daily industries?
1. Furniture industry: PU leather is used in sofas, mattresses, seat armrests, paints, coatings, and adhesives
2. Construction industry: PU leather is used in sealants, adhesives, cold storage insulation, floor paint, interior and exterior wall coatings, roof waterproof insulation layers, synthetic wood, runways, waterproof leak-proofing agents, and plastic floors.
3. Household appliances: PU leather is used for insulation layers of refrigerators, freezers, disinfection cabinets, water heaters, etc.; electrical insulation paint, wire and cable protective sleeves, and waterproof potting glue for washing machine electronic devices
4. Transportation industry: PU leather is used in aircraft, armrests, car interior parts, seats, door inner panels, headrests, instrument panels, steering wheels, bumpers, shock absorbers, fenders, carpet linings, paints, and thermal insulation. Components, pipes, gaskets, anti-skid chains
5. Shoemaking and tanning industry: PU leather is used for shoe inners, outsoles, adhesives, and leather finishing agents; artificial leather and synthetic leather coatings
6. Sports industry: plastic sports venues (including track paving, tennis courts, basketball, volleyball, badminton), sportswear (including dancewear, swimsuits), sports shoes, scooters
This is the introduction to the daily use of PU leather.